Thursday, 26 July 2012


Scarlet may refer to:
Scarlet (color), a bright tone of red that is slightly toward orange
Scarlet (cloth), type of woollen cloth common in medieval England
Scarlet (magazine), women's magazine in the UK
Scarlet (Closterkeller album), 1995
Scarlet (Code Red album), 1997
Scarlet (British band), UK vocal duo
Scarlet (American band), metalcore band
Scarlet (telco), a telecommunications company active in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg
Scarlet (Icon Comics), a creator-owned comicbook series by Brian Michael Bendis
Scarlets (formerly the Llanelli Scarlets), a Welsh rugby union team
The Scarlet, a compact, 3K-resolution digital cinema camera from Red Digital Cinema Camera Company
Scarlet Records, an Italian independent record label

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